Peanut Butter Cheese Burger

Peanut Butter Burger

Source of recipe: Great Scrape


1 pound of 80/20 ground beef, 1/2 teaspon of onion powder, garlic powder, and worcestershire sauce, bacon, american cheese, buns and a cup of peanut butter


  1. Use your Great Scrape to clean the grill.

  2. Mix ground beef, onion powder, garlic powder and worcestershire sauce in large bowl

  3. Heat grill to medium / high heat

  4. Form burger patties and place on grill along with bacon

  5. Grill bacon approximately 5 mins and remove, grill burgers approximately 7 mins per side add cheese with 1 minute remaining

  6. Place peanut butter in microwave and cook until slightly runny

  7. Place burger on bun along with bacon and drizzle peanut butter over top of burger


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