Woody Pro with FREE Replacement Tip

Woody Pro with FREE Replacement Tip

$54.98 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price

Model #: GRTPRO-20


The Woody Pro is specifically designed for the grilling enthusiast.  It has a replaceable tip and can be used with multiple grill grates. The Woody Pro comes with one tip already attached. Limited time only - FREE Replacement Tip with the purchase of every Woody Pro! Thats a savings of $14.99! So if you have multiple grills (gas, charcoal, smoker, etc.) this is the option for you.  


Size: 20" x 4.75" x .75"


-Limited Time Only-

FREE Replacement Tip Woody Pro Purchase!

The Woody Pro Replacement Tips are used with the Woody Pro base unit. The Replacement Tips allow for use with multiple grill grates, or if you need to replace your old tip.  


Size: 5.125" x 4.75" x .625"


* additional replaceable tips sold separately

  • Details

    Bonus - FREE Replacement Tip with Purchase. 

    • Woody Pro - Size: 20" x 4 3/4" x 1"
    • Replacement Tip - Size: 5.125" x 4.75" x .625"

    Personalized: add $9.99 Gift box: add $39.99

    * additional replaceable tips sold separately

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