1. Get The Grill Hot - to start the grooving process, ensure your grill is hot.  The hotter the better.  High heat allows the grooves to form quickly.

  2. Work Back and Forth - Using slow firm pressure, pass the Great Scrape front to back on the hot grates.  Small grooves will begin to form.

  3. Repeat - align the previously formed grooves to the grates ensuring that only ONE good set of grooves are formed.  Once grooves have formed high heat is not necessary.

How It Works:

How It Works - Small.png

Great Scrapes

Eco Use Shot
Eco Great Scrape GIF
Before and after
Eco Size
Eco Gift Product Widget
The Nelsons Etch-22435 (1) (1)
How It Works - Small

  $19.99 MSRP

Model #: GRTECO-14


The Woody Eco is our most affordable model. It is perfectly designed for smaller grills and portability.


Size: 14" x 4" x .75"

Woody  Eco

Copy of nub app-22504 RET 2_4x6
nub_white GIF
Before and after
Nub Size
Gift Box Nub on granite -29896 RET 4x6
Woody Nub Video

  $24.99 MSRP

Model #: GRTNUB-16


The Woody Nub is a compact model.  It is built for smaller grills and can be used with two hands.


Size: 16" x 4.75" x .75"

Woody  Nub

Woody  Paddle

18 imch Beauty use shot- top--29883 revi
paddle_white GIF
Before and after
Paddle Size
personalized paddle
Gift Box Paddle18 on granite -29895 RET
Woody Paddle Video

  $29.99 MSRP

Model #: GRTPAD-18


The Woody Paddle is designed for everyday use.  It has a comfort grip handle and provides extra reach to get under warming racks.


Size: 18" x 4.75" x .75"


Copy of shovel app-22500 RET 2 lighter_4
shovel_white GIF
Before and after
Shovel Size
personalized shovel
Gift Box Shovel on granite-29894 4x6
Woody Shovel Video

  $34.99 MSRP

Model #: GRTSHV-20


The Woody Shovel is the ultimate grilling accessory.  It has an open handle to get extra leverage and has length to keep fingers away from the heat.


Size: 20" x 4.75" x .75"

Woody  Shovel

App Pro use shot-Beauty grill -29880 4x6
Pro_white GIF
Before and after
Pro Size
Pro tip removed hands-29846 RET 4x6
Pro tip removed hands-29843 RET 4x6
personalized pro
Gift Box Pro on granite-29892 RET 4x6-Ne
Woody Pro Video

  $39.99 MSRP

Model #: GRTPRO-20


The Woody Pro is specifically designed for the grilling enthusiast.  It has a replaceable tip and can be used with multiple grill grates. The Woody Pro comes with one tip already attached. To buy more see the Replacement Tip below. So if you have multiple grills (gas, charcoal, smoker, etc.) this is the option for you.  

* additional replaceable tips sold separately


Size: 20" x 4.75" x .75"

Woody  Pro

Great Scrape Add-Ons

Pro tip removed hands-29843 RET 4x6
tip_white GIF
Pro tip removed hands-29846 RET 4x6
Before and after
Tip Size
Woody Pro Replaceable Tip angled
Great Scraper personalized
Great Scrape personalized
Great Scrape personalized
Great Scrape personalized
Great Scrape personalized
Woody Pro Gift Box
Great Scrape Gift Box Paddle
Great Scrape gift box Shovel
Great Scrape gift box Nub
Eco Gift Product Widget

   $14.99 MSRP


The Woody Pro Replacement Tips are used with the Woody Pro base unit. The Replacement Tips allow for use with multiple grill grates, or if you need to replace your old tip.  

* Woody Pro base unit required for use


Size: 5.125" x 4.75" x .625"

Woody  Pro Replacement Tip



***Personalization only - scraper must be purchased separately***

Personalize any of the Great Scrape models to add that special touch.  


Perfect for:

  • Father's Day, Christmas or other holidays

  • Groom's men gifts

  • Corporate events and give aways

  • Company logos and marketing




***Gift Box only - scraper must be purchased separately***

Transform any Great Scrape purchase into a BBQ gift box with everything a grilling enthusiast needs.  


Gift Box includes:

  • 2 delicious BBQ rubs

  • 2 mouth watering sauces

  • 1 bottle of mineral oil

  • 1 cleaning cloth

  • 1 beautiful custom made carrying case

BBQ Gift Box (Add-On)

Which Model Is Right For You?


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